Invitation to Tender (Single stage) For Provision of an Attendance Monitoring Tool UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Closes 14th March

UCL is planning to procure a solution (hardware / software) with associated support and maintenance to capture and present attendance information.

The initial contract term is for 5 years after which it will revert to an annual rolling contract at UCL’s discretion. Ideally UCL would like to have fixed pricing for the initial period of 5 years in order to help with budget planning.

Attendance Monitoring would replace current devolved and inconsistent manual administrative procedures, which are currently operated at departmental level saving significant time and effort from departments and academics.

It is anticipated that Attendance Monitoring will provide suitable evidence for immigration purposes and reduce institutional risk in this area.

The solution will also enable UCL to identify instances where welfare issues are occurring, identify problem cases to allow for early intervention on an academic and welfare basis and provide evidence for students who are underperforming.

The solution will provide data required for a future Learner Analytics system that would enhance the student experience, enable students to perform better and ensure that UCL’s high level of student retention is maintained.

The specification detailing UCL’s full requirements is set out in Schedule 4 (Mandatory Requirements) and Schedule 5 (“Specification”) and should be read before Bidders begin to respond to this ITT.

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