Islington Breastfeeding Peer Support Service Islington Council Tender Closes 14th October

The Islington Breastfeeding Peer Support Service will aim to increase the prevalence of exclusive breastfeedingat 6-8 weeks and beyond, and reduce inequalities in breastfeeding initiation and continuation. It will do this bycoffering dedicated one-to-one and group-based breastfeeding support to mothers within 48 hours of home birthor transfer home from a birthing centre (and within 72 hours of birth if missed on the ward), and additionallyaccording to need. The service will be delivered by a network of trained peer volunteers and accredited peersupporters recruited from the local community, working within a multi-agency, integrated system of perinatal andinfant health services. The breastfeeding peer support team will also play an important role in raising awarenessof Islington Bright Start and wider perinatal services.

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