It Takes a Village to Raise a Child (VRAC) East Sussex Community Voice Tender Closes 10th February 2020

Working with partners across East Sussex and three European countries, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” (VRAC) will provide support to vulnerable young people aged 12 – 18 years and their families in two pilots in East Sussex (Hailsham and Newhaven).

VRAC will provide two forms of support:

•innovative learning opportunities for young people, co-created with partners in leisure, education and the voluntary sector
•fund professional front line support to young people not doing so well at school.

The project will help build an integrated response to their needs, including activity outside of schools

Project objectives:

•To reduce the number of vulnerable young people, in Hailsham and Newhaven, who leave education early or are excluded from school
•To support young people and their families to overcome the barriers they face in remaining in education and reaching their full potential
•To support young people at risk of exclusion to improve their well-being and mental health – with the emphasises on early intervention and prevention

•To create guidance and policy recommendations to allow policy makers to implement an integrated approach that jointly improves the wellbeing of young people and their school attainment

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