Kitchen & Bathroom Replacement Programme – Phase 1 London Borough of Hillingdon Tender Closes 26th April

Kitchen & Bathroom Replacement Programme – Phase 1

Hillingdon Council is seeking a suitably experienced contractor to deliver (as the sole main-contractor) a programme of kitchen replacements and/or bathroom replacements over an agreed programme period for circa 20 occupied domestic dwellings in Hillingdon.

The proposed contract will be based upon a pre-determined basket of rates developed using the National Housing Maintenance Forum M3NHF Schedule of Rates version 6.3 including its long descriptions, the specifications of workmanship and materials and the relevant SOR rates for each element of the required works. The rates are to include for all preliminaries, overheads and profits. As part of their tender submission, contractors are required to tender a single percentage deduction adjustment to these basket rates as stipulated in the Phase 1 – Tender Costing Sheet and Pricing Summary Sheet – K&B Programme Phase 1. 

The proposed contract will be for a period of approximately 10 weeks as agreed with the successful Contractor

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