Land Use Planning Viability Assessment Tool Connected Places Catapult Tender Closes 1st August

The Catapult is seeking to award a contract to a Supplier to deliver an Alpha project into the land use planning viability assessment process. The Catapult is working with a partnership of public agencies (Greater London Authority, London Borough of Southwark and London Borough of Tower Hamlets) who are seeking to make the viability assessment process in planning more transparent, effective and efficient.

The viability assessment process involves property developers providing local authorities with a self-generated assessment of the costs involved in bringing about development (eg. Buying land, providing affordable housing, construction costs, profit etc) and the income from development (selling homes, renting homes etc). In this process there is a significant information asymmetry between developer and local planning authority, a lack of accessibility to members of the public and is a barrier to small developers becoming larger developers. Previous Discovery work has indicated that better use of data and digital tools could assist in addressing some of these challenges, and we wish to progress to an Alpha phase were concepts developed in the Discovery work are developed into working prototypes.

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