LD Supported Living – BROWSAW Oxfordshire County Council Tender Closes 28th June

In commissioning these services, it is the Council’s intention to go out to the market for supported living services for people with a learning disability at a property in Oxfordshire.

The subject matter of this procurement process relates to the delivery of services which are listed to in Schedule 3 to the regulations. As such the full regime set out in the regulations will not apply to the award of the service contract. Consequently, the procurement process adopted by the Commissioners has been developed in accordance with Regulation 76 of the
regulations and in particular in accordance with the fundamental public procurement principles of transparency and equal treatment. For the avoidance of doubt this means that the Commissioners have not
adopted the open procedure (as such term is defined in the regulations) for the undertaking of this procurement process. The fact that in this Contract
Notice at Section IV.1) the field/box relating to type of procedure may default to the term ‘Open’ does not mean that this procedure is being followed by the Commissioners.

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