LED lights replacement / upgrade at Bousfield Primary School capitalEsourcing Tender Closes 21st January

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) through the Climate Change Team would like to commission/appoint an experienced supplier for the provision of LED lighting system at Bousfield Primary School (South Bolton Gardens, Kensington, London, SW5 0DJ).

The Council is seeking to upgrade/replace the current lighting system at Bousfield School with LED lighting system which include both the fittings and the lamps under an energy efficiency and spend to save initiative. It is envisioned that the majority of the lighting will be replaced on a like for like basis.

Aims/drivers of the project: The Council is committed to tackling climate change and securing a clean, safe and environmentally sustainable future to everyone living, visiting, working and studying in the borough.

The Council must lead by example in reducing the environmental impacts and carbon footprint from its own operations and act as a role model for our residents and businesses.

RBKC has a 40 per cent in-house carbon reduction target to be achieved by 2020 which is relative to 2007/08 emission levels. This project builds on the Council’s Air Quality And Climate Change Action Plan (AQCCAP) to improve energy efficiency within the schools and draws on good practice to help schools reduce their overall energy consumption within their buildings to achieve cost and carbon savings.

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