Legal Publications Print and eBook Framework Ministry of Justice Tender Closes 29th August

The Judicial Library and Information Service (jLIS) provide legal publications and information to judges and legal advisers to ensure that they are equipped to carry out their duties effectively.

Provision varies depending on jurisdiction, but in general terms, jLIS currently provides: Print, eBooks and Online access.

The Legal Publication Print and eBook Frameworks will be divided into 2 lots:

– Lot 1: POF titles (publication order form) – Titles chosen by jLIS prior to the start of the financial year, and additionally may be required throughout the course of the financial year. This will contain core titles and additional miscellaneous requirements. Exact titles are subject to change year-on-year.

– Lot 2: UXB (unexpected books) – Ad hoc requests throughout the financial year for miscellaneous publications not listed in Lot 1. Exact titles are subject to change year-on-year.

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