LGBT Sector and Community Development Scheme GOVERNMENT EQUALITIES OFFICE Tender Closes 7th December

The Government Equalities Office is seeking to appoint an organisation to deliver an “LGBT Sector and Community Development Scheme”. The scheme will run from January 2019 to March 2020. The scope of the scheme is England only.

The successful organisation(s) will do two things:

1. administer a grant scheme, distributing grants to small LGBT voluntary, community and charity sector groups and organisations

2. deliver a range of skills development and training interventions to the same grant funding recipient organisations to help them scale, mature and operate more effectively

The grant scheme is worth £400,000 (inclusive of any VAT). In addition, up to £200,000 (inclusive of VAT) is available to administer the grant scheme and to design and deliver the skills development and training interventions. We expect most of this to be used to design and deliver the latter interventions.

The grant scheme’s objective is to support community groups and small charitable organisations to deliver locally based interventions that support and increase the visibility of LGBT people, addressing the findings from the national LGBT survey. These interventions are likely to include things like Pride events and local youth groups.

Any grant-funding recipient organisation would have to commit to taking part in the skills development and training interventions that the successful organisation will design and deliver. The objective for these interventions is to help the grant-funding recipient organisations to understand how to mature, scale and operate themselves more effectively so that they are sustainable over time.

The successful organisation will have existing knowledge of both England’s LGBT voluntary, community and charity sector groups and organisations, as well as expertise in capability and capacity building within the voluntary, community and charity sector.

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