Lincolnshire Children’s Services Lincolnshire Leaving Care Service Lincolnshire County Council Tender Closes 28th October

This procurement is under the Light Touch Regime established pursuant to Regulations 74-76 and Regulation76(7) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 for the purposes of commissioning the Lincolnshire Leaving Care Service from 1 April 2020.

The Leaving Care Service fulfils a statutory duty of the Local Authority and must meet the requirements of the Care Leavers (England) Regulations 2010 and the Children Act 1989. Further details of the service are contained within the tender documents, notably ‘Document 1 – Information for Bidders and Service Specification’.

Throughout the contract period, suppliers are asked to note that Lincolnshire County Council may provide additional resources (subject to evidence of need and related service impact) for any of the following reasons:
• An increase in care leaver numbers above tolerances set out in the Service Specification
• An increase in complexity of care leaver needs
• Changes in statutory guidance, legislation or case law that will impact on service delivery.

Where Lincolnshire County Council is able to provide in-kind support to enhance the delivery of the service, any resulting in cost savings should be reinvested by the supplier back into service delivery.

The majority of care leavers live within Lincolnshire. Approximately 42% are based out of county; the majority of these are resident in bordering Local Authorities but can be anywhere in the UK.

All clarifications should be submitted through the ProContract procurement portal, as should tender submissions.

The clarification deadline is Monday 14th October at 12.00pm (noon) and the tender will close on Monday 28th October at 12.00pm (noon).

To further detail our requirement for the Lincolnshire Leaving Care Service, a supplier briefing event will take place on the afternoon of Monday 7th October at Lincoln Myle Cross Centre, Macaulay Drive. Lincoln, LN2 4EN.

For more information and to book a place, please contact Mr Dave Uphill on 01522 553110 or
The exact agenda and event timings will be sent out nearer the time.

There is parking available on-site and refreshments will be provided; please let us know if you have any access or other requirements.

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