Local Hands Service The Guinness Partnership Ltd

The Guinness Partnership (Guinness) has approximately180 working locations across England. These locations range from corporate offices to regional hubs to small offices in estates to care home offices.

The Guinness IT team are based in a single office in Oldham. Although the team can swiftly reach working locations in North West England they are not able to do so for many other working locations across England. Indeed, Guinness IT staff may be engaged in other work requiring alternate resource to be sent to the working locations. Guinness also incurs high costs sending IT staff to locations where air travel or lengthy train/car journeys are required, for instance, the South West of England.

Guinness requires a local hands arrangement providing Engineers travelling to its working locations to perform investigatory, remedial or installation activities on behalf of the IT team.

Guinness requires the local hands service to operate at a response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) appropriate for the location being visited.

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