London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network N E L Commissioning Support Unit Tender Closes 25th February

NHS England (London Region) (hereafter referred to as “The Authority”) invites Expressions of Interest (EoIs) and completed Invitation to Tender (ITT) submissions from London Level 3 Neonatal units to Host the London Neonatal Organisational Delivery Network (ODN) from May 2019.

The purpose of this procurement is to find a successful bidder who will be responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the ODN working collaboratively with NHS England, and to ensure effective clinical pathways of care between providers across the British Association of Perinatal Medicine 2011 categories as detailed in the service specification. 

The responsibility of the Host is to provide the support to enable:
(a) The ODN manager and team to work effectively.
(b) The ODN staff and member-based Board to deliver its functions. Governance will include the appointment of clinical leadership in collaboration with the Commissioners.
(c) To translate best practice into improved outcomes and supporting others to do likewise.
(d) To provide the full range of human resource and payroll services to all employed staff. 

Contracts will be awarded for an initial period of two (2) years, with an optional extension for a further one (1) year. Therefore, the maximum duration of this contract, if the extension option is taken up it will be three (3) years. 
Following this procurement process, the Contracting Authority intends to award one contract.

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