London Plan Examination in Public – policy and evidential support LONDON COUNCILS LIMITED tender closes 26th November

The Mayor is required to produce and update a London Plan, setting out the strategic planning framework for new development across the capital. Borough local plans, which set out the framework for local development, are required to be compliant with the London Plan and so the document is key for boroughs when determining the criteria by which both development plans and development applications should be considered.

A full review of the Plan was initiated by the previous Mayor Boris Johnson following his election in 2008, and completed in 2011. Following the publication of 2011 census data, it was agreed that the Plan would require alterations to reflect that population projections in the 2011 Plan were unrealistically low. These were published in early 2014 under the title Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) and a period of public consultation was undertaken, to which London Councils responded, with an Examination in Public (EiP) at which London Councils also made representations.

A revised London Plan, promoted by the new Mayor Sadiq Khan, was published in December 2017, to which London Councils submitted a 42 page consultation response in March 2018, the full document can be read here:

The next stage of the process is a further Examination in Public (EiP), at which a Planning Inspector will take evidence and consider whether proposed amendments are compliant with national planning policy. The Inspector will then issue a report setting out his/her perspective on the LP and recommending any changes.

The EiP process provides an opportunity for London Councils both to promote its policy asks within the Greater London planning framework and to support the interests of boroughs.

This invitation to tender seeks to procure consultancy support to meet the following objective:
• Help persuade the Planning Inspector of the need for relevant amendments to the LP, reflecting London Councils’ wider policy objectives and promoting the interests of boroughs in London-wide planning policy

The consultancy support is likely to involve the following stages of work:
-Analysis of LP to identify specific proposals for policy amendments, building on London Councils’ consultation submission and supported by relevant policy and evidence
-Drafting of briefing notes on Planning Inspector’s ‘Examination Matters’, supporting London Councils’ proposed policy amendments to the London Plan
-Advice and support on London Councils’ participation in Examination hearings, including the verbal presentation of evidence to the Inspector.

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