Low Value Building Maintenance and Associated Works Norfolk County Council closes 12th November

Norfolk County Council wishes to enter into a framework agreement with suitable contractors for building maintenance, associated works and specialist trades, for low value and short notice direct call-off work, across Norfolk and adjoining counties, with the option to run further competitions under each Lot for larger, specific projects, up to a total value of £30k. For the avoidance of doubt no order is likely to exceed £30k. Average order values are around £400 with an estimated 7,000 total orders placed per annum across all Lots.

NPS will be the primary user of the framework agreements (acting as an agent for the Council), but schools will be able to access the framework agreements directly or through NPS. Other public-sector bodies within Norfolk and adjoining counties such as District Councils, Housing Associations, Further Educational and Higher Educational Establishments, emergency services and NHS bodies will also be able to call-off from the framework agreement.

The successful applicants will be appointed to the framework agreement to provide work in accordance with the service specification, together with the documents making up the Framework.

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