Lowestoft: Planetary Mill Cefas Tender Closes 23rd July

The Planetary Mill is required to support the delivery of ongoing laboratory analyses. Tenderer’s must be able to provide equipment that meets the technical specification described below and address the delivery, installation, warranty and training requirements. 

The Planetary Mill should be able to be bench situated. The Planetary Mill must have four (4) work-stations, each one capable of supporting two (2) 80ml grinding bowls (or similar) enabling eight (8) samples to be ground simultaneously if required. The work-stations should also be able to be used with our current 250ml grinding bowls and milling balls. The secure fastening of the grinding bowls into the planetary mill should be quick and avoid any undue strain to the hands, wrists and upper body.

The material used for the grinding bowls and milling balls must not contain/be made from stainless steel which may contaminate potential metals samples, ideally, they should be made from zirconium oxide.

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