Management/Leadership and Personal Development Online Learning Resources Care Quality Commission Tender Closes 7th March

Care Quality Commission (CQC) has adopted the 70/20/10 model of learning delivery and as such drives to ensure that our learning management system managed by the CQC Academy has appropriate content to build self-awareness and support self-guided learning. 

In order to achieve this, CQC need to ensure that there is sufficient learning resources available to support just in time self-directed learning and is reflective of how adult learners undertake development. 

CQC recognise that a significant population for this learning are leaders and managers, however also require learning resources that all our workforce can access and undertake to support their personal development.

CQC seek to procure quality learning resources that enable just in time development in such areas as:

– Leadership skills
– Individual and Team Management
– Learning and Personal Development

There is a budget ceiling of £45,000 (inclusive of VAT) for this contract and bids above this price will not be considered. Please note that any questions and clarifications relating to this ITT must be raised before 27th February 2019 – 12pm (Noon)

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