Masterplan Phase 1 – City of London School Masterplan – Architect (Lead Designer) City of London Corporation Tender Closes 24th May

The City of London Corporation (the City) invites Tenders for the provision of an Architect: to provide a solution to the completed has been completed which has identified building and site constraints and determined that the first phase is to focus on the on-site sports and dining, the works will comprise of:
– The squash courts are underutilised and will be converted with the fencing salle to give better space for gym, activities and examinations.
– The lower level of the squash courts and fencing salle will be converted into a split-level space of 365m2 (the existing gym is 60m2), equipped for strength & conditioning and activities. 
– The upper level of the squash courts will be converted into a multi-purpose space, including use for exams. 
– The conversion of the squash courts allows “follow-on” improvements to the dining area to create a larger entrance and bag storage area. 
– Other improvements are being explored including removing the coffee station, reducing the wash-up area, and relocating the tuck shop to provide more space.
– A cafe, tuck shop and satellite catering space for functions is provided on the concourse, to broaden the range of food choices and cater for functions in riverfront spaces.

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