Media Buying Services and Related Consultancy Orbit Group Limited Tender Closes 3rd September

Orbit are seeking a partner to provide advice, guidance and support with respect to procuring media services and consultancy where required. This will be a 3 year contract with the ability to extend to 5 years in annual increments subject to satisfactory performance (3+1+1).

The output from this work will be a more value geared media buying service that will be impact measured and managed effectively to ensure Orbits profile and sales opportunities are maximised.

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Orbit Group Ltd seeks to engage an agency partner with whom to develop and deliver a comprehensive media buying and consultancy service which will generate sustained strength and profile for the company with which to drive recognition, sales and a positive profile.

We are relying on tenderers to include sufficient information in their Tender documentation so we can understand and evaluate their proposed approach, expertise and suitability for the opportunity.
It is expected that the Agency shall:

• be capable of delivering value for money, as well as providing excellent customer service;

• be willing and capable of working in partnership with other agencies and specialists to deliver an effective media buying service

• implement media buying plans and deliver innovative/best media buying and advice that is fully integrated across all channels and best practice communications to achieve

• act in an open and transparent manner with Orbit Group Ltd and its representatives in delivering the Services

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