Medical Instrument Decontamination and Sterilisation Services Norfolk Community Health and Care Tender Closes 26th February 2020

Norfolk Community Health and Care have a requirement for the provision medical Instrument Decontamination and Sterilisation Services.

The services required will be as follows, but not limited to:
The key areas of responsibility is the sterilisation and decontamination of surgical equipment, such as:
• theatre trays and instruments etc. (a detailed list specifying items to be supplied)
• cssd provision
• individual instruments
• the provision and purchase of pre-sterile, medical and surgical sundries, e.g. Consumables, such as cotton wool balls, within instrument trays.

The primary method of sterilisation is likely to be high temperature steam, but consideration should also be given to the aspect of new technology/instrumentation as there may also be a need for a low temperature facility in the future.

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