Mid Sussex District Council – Oaklands Campus Window Replacement SE Shared Services Tender Closes 23rd April

Mid Sussex District Council (“The Council”) is inviting suitably qualified and experienced Contractors to provide tenders carry out the works as described within the tender documentation.

The duration of the Contract will be Twenty Two (22) weeks. It is anticipated that the contract will commence on Monday 24th June 2019 with site set up and scaffold erection, the first windows are to be installed the weekend of 6/7th July 2019 (This allows an Seven (7) week Lead period from the pre-start meeting for the fabrication of Windows the first eight windows). Completion shall be by Friday 22nd November 2019.

The Scheme has been split into three phases. It is the intention that all three phases of the proposed works can be undertaken during a single financial year, and as such no fluctuation of tendered costs will apply. However, should budgetary constraints dictate, the proposed works may be split over two or three consecutive financial years. An assessment of which shall be made at the tender analysis stage. Should the works be split in this manner then fluctuation of tendered cost will apply.

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