Mobile Catering Concession Opportunities at Duisburg Way and Eastney Promenade Portsmouth City Council Tender Closes 11th March

Portsmouth City Council is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced suppliers to provide mobile catering services.

Two pitches are available – Duisburg Way and Eastney Promenade. Suppliers are invited to bid for either or both of the pitches. If bidding for both pitches, suppliers must state their preferred site. Where applications include a different proposal for each site, details of both proposal must be clearly identified in Section Two of the application form.

Applications for hot and cold food and drink will be considered however, the Council is looking to expand the range of catering offers available to the public and therefore bids based solely on the sale of ice cream may not be accepted. Bids that include the sale of alcohol will be refused.

Successful suppliers will be expected to:
o Deliver a quality offering from the pitch
o Cover all costs associated with the running of the unit
o Provide their own power to run any unit
o Provide suitable waste bins as necessary to manage waste from sales and remove any waste generated at the end of each day.
o Make rental payments, in advance to the Council on a monthly basis 
o Work on an open book basis and provide quarterly financial accounts to the Council

Both pitches are offered with a 12 month licence and associate concession contract. Licences will not include an automatic right to renew but are extendable on a yearly basis, subject to the performance and agreement of both parties.

The Council is seeking a rental income in the region of £5,000 per annum. Rental income will be reviewed annually, with a minimum increase in line with RPI.

The closing date for receipt of your expression of interest is given against the heading entitled – Date documents can be requested until.

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