Multi-Spectral Imaging System THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES Tender Closes 19th December

The purpose of this Procurement Exercise is for the purchase of:
a multispectral imaging system with an LED lightsource covering the UV, visible, and Infrared range. The system must be able to record characteristic spectra of substrate, colorant, and contaminant materials, e.g. paper, parchment, iron gall inks, and natural dyes, modern inks, etc; and
software (including all required licences, for 5 users) to control the system, and to produce and manipulate images;
The Appointed Supplier must also:
deliver, set up, calibrate and test the system and software;
provide training to TNA staff in the use of the system and software;
provide software upgrades for at least 3 years after purchase; and
provide technical support to TNA staff in the use of the system and software for at least 3 years after purchase.

The maximum available budget for this Procurement is £155,000, exclusive of VAT but inclusive of expenses.

Delivery in full is required on or before 31st March 2019. Suppliers who are unable to meet this deadline should not apply for this opportunity.

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