Nairobi Gitanga Road, Recreation and Security Works Foreign & Commonwealth Office Tender Closes 4th January

The Gitanga Road compound is a main residential area for HMG staff in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is undergoing some transformation within this post with expectation of increased staff presence and is undertaking a staff accommodation project on an adjacent site which will be directly linked on the boundary once complete.

The scope of this project is to upgrade facilities (inclusive of all civils, construction and utilities requirements) at the current Gitanga Road compound to provide design and build of the following main items:

– New Gatehouse and welfare facilities
– Revised main road entrance layout with sliproad, security vehicle airlock and associated Security Infrastructure
– Demolish and rebuild site community building
– Demolish and rebuild site swimming pool
– Refurbish tennis courts into a multi-use games area
– Relocate Childrens play area to the preferred central community area
– Demolish existing bungalow to allow additional parking and road extension to adjacent staff accommodation project site
– Upgrade perimeter fencing where in disrepair with associated Electric fence topping and CCTV
– Install and Emergency Escape Gate in the Perimeter Fencing
– Construct extensive footpaths through the compound with lighting and public address
– Refurbish current Caretakers house as a drivers welfare and fest facility
– Site wide landscaping

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