NCS Programme Delivery Additional Capacity Framework 2020 National Citizen Service Tender Closes 24th October

The National Citizen Service (“NCS”) was set up by government in 2011 to tackle some of the biggest social challenges in the UK. Through a wide range of community programmes and projects for young adults, it looks to build social cohesion, mobility and engagement.

NCS Programme aims to be a rite of passage for 16 and 17 year olds and to promote a more cohesive, responsible and engaged society. To support impact at this societal level, the NCS Programme delivery is focused on 4 intermediate outcomes for the Service Users and their communities:
Social mixing – improving attitudes towards others from different backgrounds, strengthening and broadening social and support networks, and increasing levels of social trust.

Community involvement – increasing willingness to engage and help out, acknowledge and develop an awareness of power and influence in local areas, and a sense of belonging and influence with the local community.

Teamwork, communication and leadership – increasing confidence in meeting new people, putting forward new ideas, trying new things, and working in leadership positions.

Transition – facilitating the transition to adulthood by improving wellbeing and reducing levels of anxiety, building resilience and empathy, improving attitudes towards work, education and training, and facilitating healthy lifestyle choices.

NCS is seeking to set up a framework with capable Delivery Partners for the potential delivery of additional programmes from 2020. These are programmes that may run in addition to those delivered by Management Partners and Delivery Partners already appointed for delivery from 2020. The additional Delivery Partners may also provide contingency in the case of places not delivered by existing suppliers and/or potential variations to the NCS Programme.

The Framework will cover potential delivery from 2020 – 2025. The trust anticipates delivering up to an additional 25,000 places per year throughout the maximum contract period.

We seek to engage with Delivery Partners who can deliver on both a regional or national scale, with or without recruitment of young people to the Programme. Delivery Partners that provide recruitment to the programme are not likely to be allocated schools and will need to prove their ability to recruit outside of school channels as part of the procurement process.

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