NCS Trust Learning Management System National Citizen Service Tender Closes 5th March

National Citizen Trust’s (NCS) has an intention to procure a Learning Management System (LMS) to be used by NCS’s employees, our partner organisations employees and young people in order to receive the relevant learning in regards to the NCS programme. 

This is a two year contract with a possibility to extend it for a further two years. 

We use our LMS currently to help educate and reinforce learning for our seasonal staff in the relevant expertise for running our programmes. We currently also use it to help with the onboarding of new permanent staff in the NCS itself. We have a large volume of seasonal staff that needs to be onboarded in a short timeframe, as part of this onboarding activity we require them to participate in some online learning. Examples of courses that they will need to complete are safeguarding, an introduction to NCS and mental health awareness.

We have developed our approach by using the current system but have found some limitations as we have grown. These include the integration with our chosen CRM system (at present we use Salesforce) and reporting and management of learners through their onboarding journey. Through this procurement, we are looking to improve this. 

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