New Campaign Identity The British Library Tender Closes 15th March

The British Library Business & IP Centre (BIPC), based in the heart of London at St Pancras, opened in March 2006 with the help of London Development Agency funding. Since then, it has welcomed over 750,000 people through the doors and has an excellent track record in supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs from all walks of life to start and grow successful businesses. People who use our services are up to four times more likely to create a sustainable business, with only 10% of businesses failing after three years, compared with 40-50% across the board.

We are now looking to expand our model across 10 London borough libraries through the Start-ups in London Libraries project (henceforth referred to as SiLL). Within the next 3 years, we will establish a coordinated network of business support through public libraries across 10 London borough library authorities, led by the Business & IP Centre. The aim of this project is to provide grassroots business support in the heart of communities.

This ERDF-funded project will also enable us to pilot the satellite delivery of business support services through branch libraries and democratise entrepreneurship by potentially delivering support services in every high street across London and the UK.

With the upcoming expansion of the Business & IP Centre, we are seeking a for the Centre to build on and enhance existing awareness in London, as well as across the regions. The new identity will bring to life the BIPC offer by quickly conveying its uniqueness in a punchy and impactful way. This creative will be rolled out across all BIPC communications from print to digital media, implemented by our in-house design team.

As part of this brief, we are also looking to develop a campaign creative to specifically market the Start-ups in London Libraries SiLL project. This should stem from the overall look and feel being developed for the BIPC as a whole and will be applied, by our in-house team, to a wide range of print and digital formats. It is expected to be reused throughout the duration of the SiLL project.

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