NHS Wandsworth CCG Community Podiatry Service NHS Shared Business Services Tender Closes 31st January

NHS Wandsworth CCG wishes to engage with suitably qualified service provider(s) for the provision of a Community Podiatry Service.

The scope of podiatry services for the NHS Wandsworth CCG procurement has been developed by the CCG based on the needs of the local community.

The overall aim is to provide a high quality integrated Community Podiatry service to available to all adults and children who are either registered with a GP practice that is a member of Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group or residents not registered with a GP living within the borough boundary of Wandsworth.
Patients can be referred by their GP or other health care professional and treatment is given dependent on individual podiatric need. This is irrespective of age, sex or ethnicity.

The philosophy will be to encourage and facilitate self-care wherever possible which may include an element of teaching patients and carers.

The service will operate a DNA Policy that will be agreed with commissioners and includes clauses to discharge patients as appropriate who do not attend an initial appointment and two follow up appointments within a 12 month period. Readmission will only be considered with a GP referral.

The term of this contract will be for 2 years 9 months with the option to extend for a further period of up to 2 years (potentially 4 years 9 months in total).

The payment schedule for the service will be monthly in arrears, with an estimated 38,883 patient contacts in each full year.

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