Occupational Health Services British Red Cross Tender Closes 27th September

Red Cross requires a suitably qualified Provider to provide a comprehensive Occupational Health and Wellbeing service (OHS) for a workforce of approximately 4,500 Employees, International Delegates and 20,000 active Volunteers (Approx.).

The Provider can choose to provide any mix of the Services in-house, or choose to sub-contract, but the Provider will be responsible for delivering and managing all the required Services whether delivered by the Provider directly or through a third party. Any services sub-contracted under this Contract will be subject to the Conditions of Contract, as specified herein.

The Provider will deliver a pro-active, professional and confidential OHS including the delivery of a vaccination and immunisation service to support managers in maintaining a valued, healthy efficient and productive workforce. This shall assist in the reduction / prevention of work-related ill-health and contribute to improving the performance of the Red Cross.

The core functions of the nationwide OHS will include the following:
> A pre-employment/placement screening service.
> Absence management – advice, case review and case management.
> National health surveillance and fitness screening program (Ambulance Medicals).
> Immunisations/vaccination and screening programmes.
> Health promotion & wellbeing advice,
> Physiotherapy referrals and workstation assessments,
> Record management, information and statistical analysis.

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