Operational Excellence 2025 – Highways England Tender Closes 20th December

Highways England is a Government owned company responsible for operation and maintenance of the main Motorways and A-Roads across England.

We are looking for a Strategic Delivery Partner to help build on our existing Operational Excellence capability as we move into the second Roads Investment Strategy (RIS2) period (2020-2025).

This contract is for a period of 3 years, with an option to extend by up to a further 2 years subject to the satisfactory performance levels. One supplier or consortium of suppliers will be awarded the contract for this work.

The Operational Excellence 2025 Strategic Delivery Partner contract is to enable Highways England to secure a strategic delivery partner to advise and support our Operations Directorate as it develops, implements and embeds the Operational Excellence 2025 transformation programme, to help meet the challenge of the Roads Investment Strategy 2 (RIS2), whilst leaving a sustainable legacy of change and improved capability within Operations.

This contract will look to build on the foundations of Operational Excellence that Highways England, whilst ensuring that Highways England continues to become more efficient and help us to deliver a better quality of service to our customers.

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