Packaging and associated misc supplies for the shipment of Biological Reference Materials MEDICINES and HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS REGULATORY AGENCY closes 30th November

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

The Agency consists of three centres, the MHRA, CPRD, and NIBSC.

This tender is for the provision of packaging boxes and consumables to the NIBSC centre, which undertakes international shipping of scientific and pharmaceutical-related standards and materials.

NIBSC is based at South Mimms, Hertfordshire, EN6 3QG.

NIBSC is the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, whose mission is to assure the quality of biological medicines. This includes worldwide distribution of World Health Organization international reference standards and influenza materials which are used by industry, regulatory authorities and researchers world-wide.
We currently distribute materials to more than 95 countries. These materials are transported under three cold-chains – ambient, icepack (2˚c – 8˚c) and dry ice. Temperature controlled shipments require a validated cold chain life of between 72 and 120 hours depending on destination.

Requirement overview:

NIBSC have a requirement for packaging solutions for the shipping of ambient, ice pack and dry ice shipments, all of which may also be infectious. The tender also includes various associated packaging and ‘post-room’ supplies and consumables. These have been separated into six separate lots for clarity.
NIBSC requirement is for a single-supplier source for all temperature controlled and dangerous goods packaging (Lots 1 and 2) so these would be awarded to single supplier.
A second supplier may be designated as an emergency alternative for business-continuity.
For Lots 3-6 a single supplier is not mandatory but NIBSC’s preference would be to minimise the number of separate suppliers. Suppliers are therefore encouraged to consider all Lots and bid for any items they can supply or source, so that NIBSC can evaluate and balance individual item costs vs potential benefits of supply consolidation.

It is the intention of the institute to realise cost-saving benefits through this tender process. However, the reliability and quality of products and services is also of high importance.
Lot1: Temperature Controlled – Dangerous goods
Lot2: Ambient Packaging for despatch
Lot3: Ampoule Breakers for despatch
Lot4: Ampoule and Vial packaging for despatch
Lot5: Miscellaneous supplies for despatch
Lot6: Really useful boxes or equivalent storage boxes

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