Parental & Community Engagement Programme Norfolk County Council Tender Closes 18th January

We are looking to award one contract to one provider to deliver the project for Year 1 and Year 2. NOA programme team will support the provider to engage with the 35 NOA primary schools and encourage them to take part, with the intention to deliver in 30 primary schools.

Year 1: Delivery during January 2019 – December 2019
Expected cost of £60,000 at £2,000 per school (based on delivery in 30 schools)
The Provider will work with each school to set up and deliver a programme of regular engagement activities for parents and community members (or build on and add capacity and expertise to initiatives that already exist). In the main this will be delivered on the school site. Using accessible, enticing and non-threatening content with the intention of working with parents who are least likely and most resistant to engaging positively with school.

• Activities will engage parents in conversations around aspirations for their children.

• Supporting parents to understand how important they are to support their child’s aspirations and approaches they can take to talk about aspirations at home.

• Supporting parents to feel fully informed about the wide variety of career options that exist and the importance of their child’s education to access future career options.

• To link into any planned world of work/enterprise activities within schools and encourage parents and community members to participate in activities.

• To encourage parents and community members to consider their own personal development and signpost them to local support organisations that may help them plan for their own future (e.g. English & Maths classes, CV writing and employability workshops).

The Provider will be expected to deliver an inbuilt evaluation plan for their activity, as agreed with NOA. To include baseline evaluation, after activity evaluation and end of year perception surveys to monitor the impact of programmes.

The Provider will be expected to work with schools to produce a summary of the activities delivered and any lessons learnt to share with other NOA schools, using a set template as agreed with NOA.

Year 2: CPD during September 2019 – July 2020
Expected cost of £30,000 at £1,000 per school (based on 30 schools)
The Provider will work with each school to complete an audit of the school’s approach to communicating and engaging with parents and communities. This will include reflecting on activities delivered during Year 1, outcomes achieved and how activity can be continued.

During Year 2, the provider will deliver three CPD sessions (one each term) on parental engagement models and tools for school staff. Through CPD sessions and learning from delivery during Year 1, we expect The Provider to support schools to develop a strategy for future approaches to engage parents and communities in conversations around informed aspirations.

Please submit your completed quote to quoting NCCQ41757 submission in the subject area.

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