Parking Back Office Services Thanet District Council Tender Closes 30th September

Thanet District Council manages parking together with relevant enforcement through the Traffic Management Act 2004 and issues approximately 20,000 penalty charge notices for on street and off street parking offences.

Thanet District Council is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to provide Parking Back Office Service in respect of parking notice processing. This will be a full notice processing unit for the management of the PCN appeals process including such things as

Informal appeals processing
Notice to Owner Processing
Charge Certificate Processing
Court Registration
Transfer to Enforcement Agents

Full and comprehensive details of the requirements are contained within the Invitation to Tender documentation together with full instructions on completion and submission of tenders.

The Contract is anticipated to commence 1st February 2020 and will continue for a four year period however, there is a break clause after 2 yrs of the contract start date (to be exercised at the sole discretion of the Council) and a single option to extend after the four year period by 12 months (at the sole discretion of the Council).

The procurement process will be undertaken on the basis of an open tender. All tenders will be accepted subject to the tenderer providing a complete submission, suitable responses to grounds for Mandatory and Discretionary Rejection and that the minimum standards are met as set out in the Invitation to Tender document. Evaluation will be on the basis of criteria as set out in the Invitation to Tender document. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Suppliers should in first instance register themselves on the Kent Business Portal by following registration instructions. All procurement documents are attached to the notice there and available for suppliers to download and complete according to instructions contained.

Any clarifications or questions must be submitted via the message area of the Kent Business Portal by no later than 1400hrs 23 September 2019. Please note that no enquiries will be accepted by any other channels.

Completed tender documents must be submitted electronically via the Kent Business Portal by no later than 1400hrs 30 September 2019.

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