PARKS FOR PEOPLE National Heritage Memorial Fund Tender Closes 28th January

We are now looking to commission a PfP programme evaluation which captures in a more in-depth way the impact of PfP. The ambition of this evaluation proposal is threefold:

 Firstly, through in-depth case studies, the evaluation will bring to light evidence of the long term impact and value of the National Lottery Parks for People programme in enhancing parks and their local areas in the UK. The work will provide evidence of how properly funded parks contribute to current government agendas and areas of work such as health, environment, culture.

 Secondly, the evaluation will provide best practice examples of environmental and financial sustainability and resilience in public parks to inspire those who should be investing in parks in future.

 Thirdly, the evaluation will provide intelligence to guide strategic support from local and central government to support effective decision-making to ensure that future investment in parks and urban green space by the National Lottery, local authorities, Government and other funders will deliver environmentally and financially sustainable public parks and green spaces.

1.12 The primary audiences for the report(s) are decision makers related to the parks sector in central and local government, National Lottery Funders and other funders with the potential to support parks in the future. Reports will be made available on the HLF and BLF websites and disseminated through various channels to maximize reach and influence. We would also like the evaluation to contribute to the wider body of knowledge related to the impact of parks in society.

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