Pay and Grading Review Consultancy for RBKC capitalEsourcing Tender Closes 30th October

The Royal Borough of Kensington is undertaking a fundamental review of all of the Council’s current HR policies, procedures, practice and process. As part of this review, it has been agreed by the Council’s Executive Management Team that a full review of the current Council’s pay and grading structures and operating models be undertaken. It is anticipated that the new scheme will be complemented by a new performance appraisal process together with the creation of a remuneration/moderation panel to review pay and reward across the Council including the current performance related pay scheme applicable to the top 50% plus of staff also be reviewed. The new scheme is to be implemented for the April 2021 pay review cycle. Consultation, training, communication and associated policies (e.g. new performance appraisal process) is to have happened and be in place prior to implementation in April 2021

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