Pay & Grading Review for the Office for Nuclear Regulation 2019 Tender Closes 24th April

ONR have committed to undertake a review of pay and grading (P&G) during 2019. This is to enable us to consider whether our current pay and grading approach remains fit for purpose to enable ONR to deliver on our mission and emerging proposals from the 2020-25 strategy. This includes being able to recruit, retain and motivate staff to deliver on our objectives whilst maintaining value for money and compliance with the expectations of a public body.

The aim is to produce a report with an assessment of the current arrangements in respect of both pay AND grading, providing a range of proposals , fully costed that may improve or address issues in relation to achieving our aims. These proposals may include alternative types of reward other than just money. This work will be undertaken by external expertise to ensure we have access to a wider approach and independent benchmarking. The report needs to address how we might motivate staff on the maximum of their existing pay range, consider increasing the differentials between grades and allow us to address future requirements such as bringing in additional pipelines and consideration of fluid grading.

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