PHE – 180002 Porton Fire Alarm Public Health England Tender Closes 20th December

The Crown Premises Fire Inspection group conducted a Fire Safety Inspection in May 2016 over two days, meeting key stakeholders and inspecting Building 01 only. The Inspector followed up in August 2016 with a letter identifying numerous deficiencies identified during their inspection.

Fire Risk assessments were subsequently completed by an independent consultant in January 2017, and in accordance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Fire Risk assessor was competent in terms of their educations, skills, training, experience and they were an accredited IFE Fire Risk Assessor (Life Safety). Further Risk Assessments were completed in June 2018 by a separate independent consultant.

The Fire Risk Assessments identified several issues requiring immediate attention and this project addresses three of the major issues.

This phase of the project shall be to upgrade the existing fire alarm and voice alarm. The existing system has been identified as generally being a Category L5 system. The Fire Risk Assessments have recommended the systems be upgraded to a Category L3 system. This phase shall also address shortfalls in the loop capacities of some of the existing fire panels and issues with headend equipment for the voice alarm.

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