Plymouth Marjon University Campus Development Plan Tender Closes 24th June

The procurement process undertaken will be the Restricted Procedure in accordance with Reg 28 of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015). This will include the following stages:

• Selection and shortlisting – (using the Selection Questionnaire)
• 5 Candidates will be shortlisted and invited to submit a Tender
• Award decision and standstill period prior to contract award

Plymouth Marjon University require a clear and considered Campus Development Plan to be developed in partnership with Marjon professionals, students, staff and the local community that serves as the key to environmental, physical, social wellbeing and economic revival of our beautiful campus. 

Our Campus Development Plan is to be developed and designed specifically to support and reflect our academic excellence through the built environment and underpin our ambition to maintain and grow the aims and ambitions for the city and future success of Plymouth Marjon University.

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