Pre-Procurement Market Engagement for the provision of a Property Management Service Supply Hertfordshire Tender Closes 13th September

Hertfordshire County Council (the “Council”) is carrying out Pre-Procurement Market Engagement (“PPME”) for the Provision of a Property Management Service.

The Council will consider the feedback received to help inform the Council’s options and further decision making. For the avoidance of doubt, this stage of the project is not part of a formal procurement process and the Council is not committing, at this stage, to carrying out such a process.

Participation or non-participation in the PPME shall not prevent any supplier participating in a potential future procurement, nor is it intended that any information supplied as part of the PPME shall place any supplier at an advantage in a potential procurement process.

Participation in the PPME will be at each organisation’s own cost. No expense in responding to this PPME will be reimbursed by the Council.

Further information can be found within the quotation documents. You are invited to submit a completed questionnaire by 12 noon on 13th September 2019.

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