Problem Statement CCTV Analytics PIN Transport for London Closes 13th December

TfL is considering how it may approach the procurement of any such services that may fulfil the problem statements and is therefore seeking early information from the market through the publication of this Prior information notice (PIN). The main purpose of this PIN is to establish the measure of interest in the market via a Market Sounding Questionnaire. This Problem Statement concerns CCTV Analytics. The CCTV system operating on TfL’s bus network is unable to accurately assess and analyse real-time bus loading information including but not limited to:

• Providing four datasets at every bus stop: Boarders, Alighters, Total number of passengers and Capacity

• Wheelchair/ buggy space occupancy

Due to the current system of payment on buses, customers are only obliged to ‘tap-in’ using their oyster/ contactless payment. TfL are therefore unable to collate accurate real-time information regarding the capacity of a bus.

More accurate real-time information using CCTV Analytics should produce the following beneficial outcomes:

• Manage the network more effectively by facilitating service control decisions and traffic management in real-time

• Improve customer experience

• Accurately forecast and plan for future capacity requirements

• Provide drivers with additional information improving safety on buses

TfL hopes to identify suitable solutions of this type of CCTV analytics technology.

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