Problem Statement Customer Information at Bus Stops Transport for London PIN 21st February 2020

TfL is considering how it may approach the procurement of any such services that may fulfil the problem statements and is therefore seeking early information from the market through the publication of this Prior information notice (PIN). The main purpose of this PIN is to establish the measure of interest in the market via a Market Sounding Questionnaire. This Problem Statement concerns Customer Information at Bus Stops. Over 2 billion passenger journeys are made each year in London. As bus ridership continues to fall due to a number of factors, including congestion and average bus speeds, there is a need to offer an improved customer experience and provide accurate, reliable and trustworthy information.

Currently, the only real-time information of this kind that is available at bus stops is displayed via the Countdown screen, found in some bus shelters. This displays next available route numbers and their expected arrival time in minutes, but does not convey disruption information or expected journey times.

TfL is looking to the market to identify innovative approaches to delivering customer information at bus stops. This needs to enable:
• TfL to deliver customer information in an efficient, cost-effective, timely, high-quality and environmentally way that can be scaled across the bus network.
• Bus customers to regain control of their journey, through the access to accurate real-time information at bus stops.
Any solution should include the functionality to communicate the following primary information to customers in real-time:
• Expected arrival times
• Temporary service changes
• Expected journey times
• Simple bus route mapping

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