Processing of Mixed Dry Recyclables North London Waste Authority Tender Closes 19th December

The Authority is seeking contractors to provide waste management services to:
1. Receive and process the MDR;
2. Separate and market the recyclable materials; and
3. Dispose of non-recyclable residue.
As detailed in the Specification (Schedule 1 of the Invitation to Submit Initial Tenders), the services are divided into 10 lots each with the same anticipated volume of MDR tonnages.

The successful tenderer(s) shall:
(a) receive such MDR at the proposed MRF as is delivered by the Authority, the Boroughs or their designated contractors; or
(b) provide an alternative Delivery Point within the Delivery Area for the receipt, bulking and transport of MDR to their MRF.
The Delivery Area and the process for the award of lots is two phases in accordance with the location of the Delivery Point are explained in the procurement documents.

At the discretion of the Authority, the successful tenderer or tenderers may be required to provide a collection service from the Oakleigh Road depot of London Borough of Barnet, one of the waste collection authorities amongst the six (6) north London boroughs.

The services are divided into 10 lots with the same anticipated volume of MDR tonnages. Each lot will have an estimated tonnage size of 9.000 to 15,000 tonnes of MDR. The Authority may vary the tonnages in individual lots throughout the contract according to the tonnages of MDR arising. Tonnages of MDR are a contractor risk as the Authority does not guarantee any minimum or maximum tonnages for each lot or for the total lots.

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