The NWUPC Ltd is seeking to establish a multi-provider Framework Agreement on behalf of the members of NWUPC Ltd, APUC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC, SUPC and CPC for the Supply of Promotional Merchandise.

Tenderers shall accept and acknowledge that by issuing this Invitation to Tender (ITT) NWUPC Ltd shall not be bound to accept any Tender and reserves the right not to conclude a Framework Agreement for Promotional Merchandise for which Tenders are invited nor does it constitute an offer to enter into a contractual relationship. All costs incurred in relation to preparing and submitting a Tender are to be borne by the Tenderer. NWUPC Ltd shall not accept liability for any associated costs sustained by Tenderers.

This Framework Agreement will commence on 1st January for an initial period of thirty six (36) months until 31st December 2021 with the option to extend the Agreement for twelve (12) months until 31st December 2022 subject to satisfactory Economic Operator performance.

The Framework Agreement will be split into three (3) lots as follows:

Lot 1 – Promotional Merchandise

Lot 2 – Vouchers and Gift Cards

Lot 3 – Promotional Clothing

The Tenderer can apply for a single lot or for multiple lots. You will need to complete and return a separate ITT for each of the lots You wish to apply for. You must indicate in section 4 Lot Application which of the lots You wish to apply for. Tenderers cannot apply for both Lots 1 and Lots 3. If You apply for both lots then clarification will be sought and You must select either Lot 1 or Lot 3. Successful award on a particular lot does not enable You to supply under any other Lot.

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