Provision and implementation of a fully integrated Source to Settle solution Post Office Limited closes 12th November

The Post Office Ltd (POL) and its affiliates intend to award a contract for the provision and implementation of a fully integrated Source to Settle (S2S) service, (including eSourcing, Purchase to Pay and Contract Management along with every process in between).

The Source to Settle system must be offered in the form of ongoing services over the internet (“as-a-service”), otherwise known as Software-as-a-service – “SaaS”. Tenders must also include operation and implementation of the service (“service” for these purposes meaning standard software).

The S2S system must have close integration with, amongst other things, POL’s Core Finance System, SAP ECC 6.0, and access control system for administering users. Tenderers’ solutions must accept electronic submission of invoices via multiple channels (single invoice, bulk invoices, email, Portable Document Format, Electronic Document Interchange), and must automatically match invoices with POs and GRNs using both the PO number and line item detail.

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