Provision of a Catering Payment Solution (EPOS) UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON Tender Closes 16th July

The University of Southampton (UoS) is seeking to procure a Catering Payment Solution (EPOS) that will replace the existing cash register system and provide enhanced hardware and software capability and web-/app-based payment, marketing and loyalty services.

The right system will support the University in:

• Delivering an excellent customer experience through the provision of an up-to-date and supportable cateringpayments service, comparable to that of a major high street retailer.
• Provide a sustainable and scalable service that is able to meet changing customer needs in respect topayments and ordering requirements.
• Speed up transactions at the till.
• Encourage customers to use bank card or e-payment over cash transactions thus reducing cash handling,cash reconciliation and associated bank charges.
• Ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

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