Provision of a Retail Management System Parliament UK Tender Closes 17th July

The House of Commons (HoC) and The House of Lords (HoL) are looking for a new end-to-end integrated Retail Management System (RMS) encompassing all the components of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) RMS solution. The Houses of Parliament have a ‘cloud first’ policy and are therefore looking to procure a cloud-based solution. 

There is an Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) aspect to the existing solution and Parliament is exploring technological possibilities with a minimal on-premise footprint. Parliament is looking for a resilient system which can operate on a 4G network and can handle both business and technical issues in a user-friendly and efficient manner. 

The new RMS will need to work in conjunction with Parliament’s e-commerce platform – Shopify, the change of the front-end e-commerce platform is out of scope.

The new RMS will also need to integrate with Parliament’s finance system (Agresso), which is achieved via a middleware solution (BizTalk). The solution also needs to be flexible enough to enable pop-up trading on and off the Parliamentary estate.

Although this is a joint House of Commons and House of Lords contract the HoL retail shop will not be included in Phase 1 of this project, however, it is intended that they will join at some point in the future – Phase 2. The HoL RMS and EPoS are out of scope for this project. Should the HoL join the RMS it will be treated as a like for like solution as detailed in this Invitation to Tender. HoL would be set up as an ‘additional location’ on the same instance of the RMS, based on the current scale of the HoL retail operation: 3 staff and 2 EPoS.

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