Provision of a Stray Dog Collection and Kennelling Service Thurrock Council Tender Closes 6th December

From April 2008 Section 68 for the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act removes the responsibility for stray dogs (with the exception of dangerous dogs), from the Police leaving Local Authorities in England and Wales with sole responsibility for dealing with stray dogs.

Local Authorities have a duty to:

Collect and detain stray dogs
Return seized dogs to their owners
Keep a register of stray dogs
Retain the dogs for a period of 7 days (after which they cease to be the Council’s responsibility)

The Council does not directly employ a dog warden and does not have any kennels which can be used for the kennelling of stray dogs, therefore, the Council requires an experienced Service Provider to fulfil the Council’s statutory duty regarding stray dogs in the Borough.

The Service Provider shall be responsible for:

Seizing and collecting stray dogs within the Borough of Thurrock Council
Keep Stray dogs in appropriately licensed and secure kennels upon receipt of notification from the Council for up to the statutory 7 days (notification may be verbal or by email)
Assume ownership of the dogs after the 7 day statutory period
To never euthanize a healthy dog
To make every effort to rehome the dogs
To take any stray dog for veterinary assessment and treatment as necessary

The Service Provider shall work closely with all stake holders including Public Protection department, The Council’s day time call centre, Animal Charities and the police.

Applicable Legislation under this contract are as follows:

Environmental Protection Act 1990
Environmental Protection (Stray Dogs) Regulations 1992
Control of Dogs Order 1992
Animal Health Act 1981
Animal Welfare Act 2006
Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018
Welfare of Animals (Transport) Orders (WATO)

The Service Provider shall, throughout the contract, use their professional skills and experience to achieve the purposes of the services required and shall comply with all relevant statute and common law, statutory instruments and any judicial decisions.

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