Provision of Advanced Waste Management Organisation (WMO) Knowledge and capability transfer to RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT LIMITED Tender Closes 2nd May

Knowledge and capability transfer from Waste Management Organisations (WMOs) that are at a more advanced programme stage than RWM is a fundamental activity that RWM is committed to. Cooperation with our ‘sister’ WMOs has been highlighted as a corporate strength by our regulators and raised as a positive aspect of our programme by numerous key RWM stakeholders.

In 2017 RWM developed a detailed Geological Disposal Technical Programme (GDTP). Along with siting, waste management and business support activities, GDTP will ultimately deliver Radioactive Waste Management’s mission of delivering a geological disposal facility and providing radioactive waste management solutions. It will do this by delivering the construction, operation and closure of the Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) along with any support capabilities that are required to underpin delivery such as a research facility. 

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