Provision of Campus Security Services – Falmouth Exeter Plus Tender Closes 8th March

This tender incorporates the two types of requirement for contract security at Penryn Campus. 

1. (Cover Security) – Sickness & Annual Leave cover for Security and Halls 
2. (Event Security) – Door Supervisors for Events on Campus 

1. Cover Security

Summary of Duties 

Staff will be based at Penryn Campus, duties will involve patrolling campus area and buildings, including Glasney Village residential area and off site locations owned/operated by FXPlus. They will support FXPlus Security Officers in conducting their duties which include physical security of buildings, staff, student and visitor welfare, car parking duties and first aid. Whilst the Officers will have autonomy to carry out their duties, there will always be an FXPlus Supervisor or Manager they can refer to for guidance and support.

Staff will predominantly be covering sickness and annual leave and could be called upon to work any shift rotation (full or part) and may also be called in for ad-hoc requests as the need arises. In this capacity, the security contractor may have short notice to provide staff and as such, there is a degree of understanding around levels of cover that can be provided. This will be covered in the KPI section of the tender.

It is expected that the contractor will keep a core number of staff who are appropriately trained to work safely with FXPlus Security and Halls Teams. This training will be at the cost of the security contractor, but will take no longer than 8 hours to complete. Where there are no appropriately trained staff to provide cover, this must be made clear to the person booking cover so that the duties may be amended accordingly.

Staff will be expected to arrive to start their duty at the allocated time, not to arrive at the time they are to start duty. Officers are to be dressed in polo shirts, black trousers and black boots that provide ankle support and must have a high visibility vest with them. They should also bring with them wet and warm weather gear as necessary. They must also be clean and demonstrate a good level of personal hygiene. Mobile patrolling will be undertaken in FXPlus vehicles and they will be issued with a radio for the duration of their shift. They may also be issued with other specialist equipment (e.g. Tablets, phones, GPS trackers) as required by the FXPlus on duty supervisor/manager. Lost equipment will be recharged to the security contractor at a value no greater than the replacement cost.

Cover Security Officers may come across vulnerable persons, they are to make the person/situation safe and then escalate to a member of the team they are working with. It is recommended that Officers who regularly provide cover attend ASIST (suicide prevention) and Mental Health First Aid courses so that they may be able to provide a high level of service to campus users.

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