Provision of Cleaning Services for the Halls of Residences under a Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON Closes 27th June

The University of Southampton (the University) recognises that its halls accommodation is an important influence on the “Student Experience” whilst at university and moreover could influence the application process.

The upkeep of its hall of residence is, therefore, a key service to the University and the providers of Cleaning Services are instrumental in ensuring that the University’s required quality standards are met.

The current cleaning provision is provided by a combination of University staff and third party contractors and is managed by the University’s Residences team. To ensure continuity of service and to facilitate value for money, the University is seeking to formally establish a Framework Agreement with up to six suppliers, to identify a ‘pool’ of potential Contractors who will be capable of supporting the University in the delivery of these services.

Services required include: Summer Deep Cleaning; Refresh Cleaning; Emergency Cleaning; and External Cleaning (full details of the Specification requirements can be found at File 4).

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