Provision of Expert Witness Courses London Fire Commissioner Tender Closes 23rd January 2020

It is necessary to ensure there is a recognised level of training for specific staff undertaking ‘expert witness’ roles at the London Fire Brigade. This contract is to enable the Fire Safety department to provide professionally recognised qualifications to staff. The requirement is for the Fire Safety department to provide 8-12 Fire Investigating Officers, Fire Engineers, Fire Safety Enforcement Officers, Senior Fire Safety Officers and Fire Safety Inspecting Officers on an annual basis with a certificate (to cover as a minimum) expert witness report writing, courtroom skills, cross-examination, criminal law and procedure. The contractor is to provide the courses in a London location within the M25, preferably on an external basis. If the location is not in Central London, parking facilities must be available to those attending the course at no extra charge. If the contractor training solution requires the student to use the LFB computer system they must comply with the LFB ICT requirements.

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